Step Away From The Hustling Bustling High Street And Into Cocobeanz

where relaxation awaits and days stand still

We’re for great conversations

(minus the need for shouting over our sound system)

We’re for productive business meetings

(with free Wi-Fi over exceptional coffee).

We’re where colleagues unwind, friends debate and acquaintances bond.

The Best Coffee

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Exceptional, Italian coffee

(and teas that offer a spicy experience)…


Created by pro baristas.

Creating great coffee is nothing less than an art form. From our frothy cappuccinos, to our smooth lattes, our professionally trained baristas whip up consistently delicious cups for our customers from the highest quality of coffee beans.
Our teas have been sourced and selected from around the world, chosen for their unique leaf blends – for taste sensations that are a fusion of spices and aromas.

Take a seat and tuck in.

Welcome to a world of cuisines – where Italian, Indian and continental foods combine to sate every appetite and satisfy every food preference.

Years of travel and countless cups of coffee...

It’s been a long and colourful road to bring us to today – read our story and explore the tale that created the Cocobeanz brand that you see before you today.

Explore our menu of global

Teas & Coffees

Coffee Price


$1.99 / $2.45 / $2.90


$1.99 / $2.45 / $2.90

Caffe Afogato

$1.99 / $2.45 / $2.90


$1.99 / $2.45 / $2.90


$1.99 / $2.45 / $2.90

Black Eye

$1.99 / $2.45 / $2.90


$1.99 / $2.45 / $2.90


$1.99 / $2.45 / $2.90


$1.99 / $2.45 / $2.90

Con Panna

$1.99 / $2.45 / $2.90

Our Story

Years of travel and countless cups of coffee…
Allow us to tell you about our history

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