Coffee Tea

Our coffee collection have been made extremely for your desired taste .... !!!!!

Silky Flat White

A wonderfully full-bodied coffee, balanced with a silky smooth finish for a gentle yet spirited cup of coffee.

Velvety Latte

Many a coffee lovers’ journey began right here, with a latte – and being beautifully smooth, supremely creamy and infused with the taste of an espresso, there’s little wonder why.

Classic Americano

Simplicity is so underestimated, and when we’re talking about a deep Mocha Italian Espresso teamed with a touch of milk this is never truer.

Rich Cortado

Amazing things can be presented in miniature packages, and boy, does this cup pack a punch above its weight. Full-bodied, strong, textured.

Frothy Cappuccino

Breathe in the steamy scent of this classic cup, a true frothy filled five minutes of caffeine heaven.

Intense Espresso

Strong, intense, lively – our espresso is as graceful in its simplicity as it is almighty in the awakening it delivers.