We are Cocobeanz. This is our story.

The path that has led to today – to exceptional coffee and honest foods.

Meet The Team

Today, our team consists of chefs from Italy and India, meet Muzammil and Natalia  – you could call it the perfect meeting of cultures for a menu of drastically differing cuisines, dishes and flavours.

We create our own recipes – every, single one of our dishes have been developed from our chefs’ inspiration. Everything that you see and select from our shelves has been thought up and perfected by our culinary experts – one of whom is an award-winning winning chef, and together they hold more than 35 years of experience.

Our Concept

Our concept is straightforward. Our philosophy is focused. Our offer is simple… exceptional coffee, and great, honest and healthy foods.

This is the perfect balance. Food and drink that are as high a quality as each other.

Coffee and meals that are every bit as good as one another.
All cooked up and served up within a vibrant yet always relaxed atmosphere.